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Coronavirus Masks


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Face masks coronavirus prevention protuct our health

How to protect yourself from novel coronavirus infection? Do you know what types of face masks for coronavirus are available? Do you know how to use the face masks for coronavirus correctly?

Coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets and wear face masks for coronavirus correctly. Wearing a face masks coronavirus is an effective means to block the transmission of respiratory secretions.At present, the main masks that can be seen on the market are medical protective masks (such as KN95 masks), medical surgical masks and ordinary disposable medical masks.

In addition, there are various stars often wear cotton masks, sponge masks and other "online celebrity masks" on the market. Citizens only need to choose medical surgical masks for daily protection. KN95 mask is more effective in coronavirus prevention, but it has poor air permeability and high respiratory resistance, so it is not suitable to be worn for a long time.

Usage of face masks for coronavirus:

(1) both disposable face masks for coronavirus and medical facee masks for coronavirus actually have pros and cons. Take disposable masks as an example, the ones that are dark in color are the front, which should face outward, and there are metal strips with nose clips on the medical masks. (2) facing the face should be the reverse side of the medical masks for coronavirus, that is, the lighter side of the mask. In addition, it should be noted that the part with a metal strip should be on the top of the mask and should not be worn upside down. (3) after distinguishing the front, back, upper end and lower end of the face masks , wash your hands first and determine whether the mask is correct, then hang the rope at both ends on your ear.

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